About Us

GTO Sales Services was established to service the IT market for manufactures that do not carry a local presence. Our aim is to fulfill your day-to-day business needs and to create growth, awareness and a professional representation for your brand and business. We pride ourselves in building strong, trusting and long lasting relationships with all of our customers and partners.

We have experience in distribution, sales, SI, E-tail, Retail, OEM, sales channels and marketing. We currently have contracts with five major manufacturers with contacts and experience in EMEA markets as well as the UK.

As well as sales activities, we have also built up relationships with many UK review sites and publications and can look to also work with these to help drive our partners presence from an end user point. This is key to be involved in any activities they may be running that a partner may miss without local support

Why Use an Agency?

Whilst a manufacturer may have a distributor in place, many are unable to justify an office with headcount in the UK. They are however still interested in having a focused sales presence to aid market access/penetration and help grow sales – This is where we come in. If you need a distributor in the region we are able to assist in the introduction, selection and setting up of contracts.

GTO Sales does not sit as a middleman between the manufacturer and the distributor but rather creates opportunity to increase business for both parties. Without local representation a manufacturer can find it hard to gain mind share within its customers without that day-to-day contact. We ensure we are visible to the sales teams and that they push your products above others. With most manufactures based in Asia a local agent allows contact throughout the working day in the local time zone. Always at hand and ready to make a visit to customers to drive sales or deal with potential issues.

Our Services

  • Stock holding control
  • Forecasting
  • Reporting
  • RMA control
  • Credit/Accounts control
  • Sales team training
  • Sales promotion days
  • Marketing promotions
  • Marketing plans
  • Event planning and coverage
  • Budget control
  • PR